A Septic Design consists of a Site Evaluation, measuring the site conditions using survey equipment to map out the topography, wetlands and site conditions. Although a septic design is not a boundary survey there is minor deed research that needs to be done to properly locate your septic system on the lot. All of this allows a permitted designer to design the most environmental sensitive and economical septic system design that meets all of NHDES Subsurface regulations on your property. We design a variety of septic systems to include, but not limited to, Stone and Pipe, Trench, Chambers, Enviro-Septic, Advanced Enviro-Septic, Eljen, and Wastewater Alternatives (Clean Solution – ATU Aerobic Treatment System). We also design serial, parallel, and sloping systems to best fit the characteristics of your property. With the ever changing technologies in the septic system industry it is always helpful to consultant with the professionals for you septic system needs prior to starting your project. We’re here to answer any of your questions and provide a solution to your needs. We have relationships with other septic system professionals such as pumpers, installers and inspectors if you need a referral.