NHLC brings a real estate consultation component to every project that is rare to find in any other company in New Hampshire.  With more than 30+ years of experience in land surveying, land planning and real estate consultation our depth of knowledge is unmatched.  We are here to service you from the purchase of the land to development/sales of the final product.

Real Estate Support Services

There are many facets of the Real Estate industry which can benefit from the expertise of an surveyor, and/or civil designer. Here at New Hampshire Land Consultants, we pride ourselves on our ability to look objectively on behalf of our client at real estate prospects and / or value such prospects.

We also maintain partnerships with professional real estate brokers, landscape architects and land appraisers to assist us in providing our clients with a full service site identification and valuation product. We can also place you in contact with local land use attorneys with whom we have partnered with on projects. The following details are just some of the specific Real Estate Support Services that we provide.

Land Valuation

Whether you own a property and are considering its sale or are considering the purchase of a property, you want to be assured that the property is being fairly valued. During the land valuation process, we 

will involve the necessary experts to identify objectively the potential use of your property and then utilizing the same, we will establish the “best use” of the property to maximize value or simply identify the true value of the property for a specific intended use. 

  • Development Option Analysis
  • Generation of Concept Layouts for Available Development Options
  • Construction Comparison Analysis
  • Construction Cost Comparison Analysis
  • Generation of Site Marketing Materials

Site Selection Support

Whether you have identified the need for a business relocation or expansion to a new location or want to secure additional investment property, an important part of the acquisition process is to analyze the current zoning and site characteristics of the property to assure that it can meet your objectives. We will assist you in this process of identifying only those properties that meet these objectives so you can focus limited resources on sites that truly have potential. Starting with your concept requirements, we will cover a range of parameters pertinent to locating potential properties, providing the technical expertise to assure that the property has the ability to meet your needs, and then ultimately, should you decide to proceed, facilitating the project through the development process to see your vision through to reality. 

  • Site Availability Research
  • Site Suitability and Comparison Analysis
  • Construction Cost Estimates